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Silver Swans


    Any Physical/Health/Medical Conditions

    Children under 16 Years using an inhaler must have written permission from parent/guardian for pupil to use their inhaler during
    class. Adults with back or knee problems, etc, will need to consult their doctor before commencing any adult class.

    Class/Classes you wish to attend:-


    Please see timetable to view current classes


    To qualify for a reduction of 10%, fees must be paid in full by first week of term or before new term commences (which ever applies). Late payments will incur the late payment fee. 15% discount on term total if three or more subjects are taken.

    Terms notice in writing or terms fees before removal of pupils

    The above information may be used for exam entries.
    There may be occasions when we use photographs for publicity i.e. Facebook other electronic media. If you have any objections please tick the box below. Any objections please inform me in writing.
    I agree to all the terms and conditions above (please digitially sign below)

    Additional Checks

    If you ticked; YES to one or more questions and have not recently done so, consult with your doctor before increasing your physical activity.
    Informed consent

    I confirm that I have completed the above questionnaire to the best of my ability and that I have provided accurate information regarding my current health status. I take it upon myself to discuss any changes in my health with the tutor and my Doctor. I am voluntarily participating in Silver Swans and will immediately discontinue any activity if I feel any symptoms of distress or discomfort, I will tell the Dance Centre
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